Published on October 25th, 2018


Three Nigerian Photographers Who Have Changed The Face Of The Game!

When we think of photography, don’t we all just think of photo albums, wedding shoots or just plain family photos, but the days are gone when photography was restricted to just these borders.

Today, photographers have changed the game, so much that even the ‘plain’ family photos are done with so much seriousness, creativity and dexterity.

The days of boring photography are gently fading away thanks to some powerful Nigerian photographers who thought outside the box and employed the use of their minds, eyes and lenses!

TY Bello.

A fiery photographer. You think of TY Bello and you think of ‘Soft’ photography, soft yet force in its simplicity. TY Bello is popular for capturing not just moments and beauty, but also the essence of the personality.

TY Bello has made some albums worth viewing!

Bayo Omoboriowo.

Even when his lenses are focused on the president, this photographer might just capture only the President’s ear!

His every image speaks of vibrancy and life which he mostly portrays in colours. Omoboriowo is popular for never missing details. The fall of a hat, the wink, the gait…these details never go by without him grabbing them with his camera!


Tolani Alli.

She is the first ever female documentary photographer to Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State and the first to occupy such role in Nigeria. Having stopped pursuing a medical degree to fulfill her love for photography, her story is very intriguing just as her work.

Tolani loves to tell stories with every image and this she does well, even the bosses bow to her work.

Tolani is not your average camera handler!


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