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Published on October 1st, 2018


How Tomi Adeyemi Left Her Well Paying Job For A Career In Writing!

When Tomi Adeyemi left certainty for uncertainty, her parents were worried, her friends laughed, her colleagues jested…but today, at just 25, Tomi is one of the most influential young Africans in the world.

After Adeyemi moved to California, she worked at a Los Angeles film production company. When she decided to reduce her hours there to write a book, her parents, who had uprooted their lives in Nigeria to give her a better life, were not entirely accepting of this idea.

“I’m first-generation Nigerian so I came out of my mother’s womb and I was supposed to be a doctor, a lawyer or engineer, and I was like ‘oh hey, I’m quitting my very well-paying job at a very stable company that has many future job opportunities for me’ … I’m so lucky that my parents were like, ‘obviously we’re not crazy about this but we love you.” Tomi Adeyemi had said in an interview.

Last year, the San Diego resident and Harvard graduate made headlines after she sold her young-adult fantasy trilogy Children of Blood and Bone.

Fox 2000 has purchased the film adaptation rights to the book. Reportedly the deals for the publishing and film rights were approximately seven figures. Deadline described it as “one of the biggest YA debut novel publishing deals ever.” 

Tomi definitely has no regrets whatsoever about dropping her former well paying job after pursuing her dreams!


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